Hedgehog’s Year 2016

Hedgehog’s Year 2016

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Hiya everyone! It’s Hedgehog here!


Oh my! Time really flies, it’s 2017 already! I hope you had a super nice Christmas and New Year! I had a good time with Cat and Owl. We took a break from our day-to-day routine and spent time thinking about the past year. I’m going to reflect and look back on everything I experienced, learned and achieved during the past year… as a Hedgehog nightlight!


Sooo what happened at the beginning of the year 2016? It was a really cool start to a new year, that’s for sure! Me and Cat and Owl got new designs, oh boy did we look funny back then!! We met a lovely blogger, Krista, from Puutalobaby blog. Her daughters gave us a test run and it was superb! Later, we got to meet other sweet families because people really wanted to see us in person!



As winter passed it started to get warmer! Cat was all over it since she likes all things warm, but who doesn’t, hehe! With spring came many things that were new to us – Indiegogo campaign, FastCoDesign and Core77! There’s lots of big capital letters in those words but the things they represent are all pretty important, too. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign was a great thing for us, because it showed just how much people love me and Cat and Owl! It was really nice when the Diana wrote about us for FastCoDesign article and Carly for Core77! Although I didn’t get to be interviewed, but I was there! Carly even said that I’m her favourite!


Näyttökuva 2017-01-06 kello 2.16.30






“Can you see how pretty

my purple ears are?”







The spring wasn’t over after that! In April we went to a child fair called Lapsimessut and that was, like, the best thing ever! It was held in Helsinki and there were so many kids who came to play with us and we just loved every second of it! We got new friends and on top of that, the crowdfunding campaign reached it’s goal! It was a huge learning experience for us all. As the outside world got greener in May, we were nominated in the Muoto Gala for the Best Functional Product. It was a big moment! I always knew I was cute but I had no idea I could triumph a design competition!


Summer was pretty interesting – I’ve heard people spend their summer at beach and have vacations and nice things like that, but it was a pretty busy time for us! We LeeLuu friends were introduced to a cool storyworld thing. It’s what later was named LeeLuu Stories, and we tried it out with some test families. I heard it’s a concept that’s been around for a long time now. Me and Cat and Owl got very excited about that, because we always dreamed of being in a special world made for us and children. It’s kinda hard to explain, but… it feels like the storyworld helps us be better friends with children and that’s the most important thing to us.


Everyone was doing their part, the LeeLuu Team was super busy with production stuff and discussing with partners. We heard many good news about our production – it sounded like there was going to be many Hedgehogs soon! In August we went to the Muoto Gala and although I wasn’t allowed to bring my moths with me because they didn’t have invitations it was still a marvelous experience.



The largest design fair in Finland, Habitare, was held in September. Did you see us there? It was really nice experience, and by far the comfiest! There were so many neat chairs and demo rooms and everything, it was hard to get up once you sat down.


Around October it started to get colder – Cat was only sighing and staring out of the window. The LeeLuu Team kept discussing with their advisors and other important people, and they got some interesting advice that would turn the tables in a way. Owl told me that it’s a common phase in startup lifecycle. How do we get forward?



The LeeLuu Team decided to change direction and focus on storytelling. I was shocked to hear that the first batch of us LeeLuus didn’t get to the new homes this year! The whole team and us LeeLuu friends felt really bad about it for you guys. It was a super difficult decision to make, but it had to be done. We got different kinds of feedback – good and supportive messages and criticism, but what we learned from all the feedback was how important we are to children.


But I feel that even if some people were disappointed, it’s going to be okay. There are ups and downs in life, and good and challenging times. But that’s what makes it all worth it, isn’t it? We always strive to be better! This is a new year and each year brings something awesome to look forward to! This year, the first weeks have been full of hard work amongst LeeLuu Stories. I’m so excited, and I can tell the team is, too!




You can find more info about LeeLuu’s last year here:

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