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  1. Kevin

    My last name is Harmala, but it was originally Harmaala before my family emigrated to the US. I haven't been able to find out any meaning behind the name. I've really only known the area where they came from in western Finland, north of Tampere. I have genealogy records that go as far back to around the year 1450. No mention of any meaning. Not knowing the language at all really, I've only concluded that it means "grey area" or something like that? It's good to learn more about traditional things. Thank you!

  2. Olav Haraldsson

    We have name days in Norway but i don`t know anyone who celebrate them but i am sure there are some who do, maybe in different parts of the country.

  3. Name Less

    Not an uncommon practice in Slavic countries either.
    tho multiple names per day has been rarity in local calendar. the Christmas (24th December here) and New year's first day are technically name days but include names i have never heard on a person.

    Celebrations here tend to be far less lavish for name day than birthday, something like flowers for the lady and drink for bloke.

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