I can’t almost believe this but we have a summer vacation! What kind of plans do we have? How long is a normal summer holiday in Finland?
Check Ashley´s and Josh´s Finland videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxn5zB_-HOiBGzdMSRiq_HA/videos

My summer cottage video: https://youtu.be/YJRrfwSQRJU

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  1. Anni Vuohensilta

    On holiday, yey!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    If you want to watch more Finland videos, our friend Ashley and Josh visited Finland and they filmed many videos here! We met them the first time 2 years ago and a few weeks ago again when they were in Tampere! They are really cool and nice people, check their channel out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxn5zB_-HOiBGzdMSRiq_HA/videos

  2. hile 63

    Anni.. Lauantai-ilta With my Lazy Guard dog Pimu.. 45kg Lazy dog.. 7years.. We have been in sauna 1 hour.. Now we have one kg saunasausage.. When it is ready We eat it. All.. Mikkikisu saa little bit. Katoin just ne beyond the press pätkät kun Lauri opetti Sinua sorvaamaan.. Tykkäsin.. Ite oon diginäyttösellä sorvilla paljonkin sorvaillu.. 3v sitten pelastin Karhula sorvin ja on mun tallissa nyt.. Uudenkarhea.. VM-1915.. Automaattisyötöt toimii.. Irtorattailla kierre ym. nopeudet.. Kai sulla soomikin toimii?..

  3. Always Ants

    Really enjoying your view into Finnish life, we truly appreciate it! Our adventures continue year round but summer is certainly our favorite time: good weather and fresh tasty plants (and their berries) to gather. This summer, as always, we're aiming for places around the Pacific Northwest of the U.S., an incredible outdoor wonderland we've been exploring for years and doing YT vids for the past year. Looking forward to more fun and Finland adventures with you and Laurie!

  4. Anna Kuisma

    This looks like work to me. 🙂 I had one week off work this year, and I went to Riga. It was beautiful. Looking forward to having 4 weeks off next year!

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