Ice swimming or swimming in the frozen lake is quite popular activity in crazy Finland. Watch this video to see how profesionals finns do it! Also sauna!

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  1. Mark Mywords

    I'm an Australian and married to an Australian born Fin. In September 2019 I went with my wife and son on my first overseas trip ever, to Finland. I loved it and fell in love with the country and the people. We stayed at a relatives place in Vantaa and a week in Joensuu. We loved it so much. We loved having the sauna and then jumping into the lake. Best time ever. Then came that so called pandemic just a few months after we retuned home to Australia. I hope to return to Finland soon, when all this pandemic garbage is over. Don't be surprised if the so called pandemic ends up in the Nuremberg courts and on trial. Because things are not what they seem and many people are starting to have their eyes opened to the reality.

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