Today we go to snowshoeing in the forest! Is the next video about ice swimming?

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  1. Ska Nomad

    I like to use the biggest snowshoes available for maximum floatation. Aggressive crampons are helpful in steep terrain. I've used them a lot for work and play. I'm safer and more efficient with snowshoes for work than skis.

  2. Charley Kline

    What a beautiful blue sky!! All of us in the northern hemisphere are happy about the days getting longer… on March 20 the spring equinox will give all of us no matter where a 12-hour day and 12-hour night. It must be so much more dramatic for you Finns though, after a winter of so little daylight!

  3. Jason Harding

    Moi Anni, happy international women's day!!
    There is lots of media focus on the day here in the UK, I hope also in Finland. I am wishing happy women's day to all the women that I subscribe to on youtube (it's about 50/50 men/women I am happy to say). Thank you for all your great content, I hope you have a good day.

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