Today we show you how to play Finnish game called Mölkky! Who will win?


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  1. Anni Vuohensilta

    If you didn't understand the scoring system, here are rules from the official rule book!
    -Knocking over one pin scores the amount of points that is marked on the respective pin

    -Knocking over two or more pins scores the number of pins that were knocked over

    -A player that exceeds the score of 50, drops back to 25

  2. Gary Rechter

    Saw the video last week. Ordered a set from Amazon. It arrived Sunday. The set was in a Molkky wooden case, inside a Tactic (manufacturer) cardboard box which was inside an Amazon cardboard box. Protect that wood.

    The scoring is similar to British dart games, so I don't see a problem. Another game where you throw things while drinking alcohol. But less pointy.

  3. Zungruitelbit Ladnaternoche

    Thank you, that was pretty awesome. I'm French from Canada now living in the USA and I have never heard of that. I'm going to make me a set of those, that looks pretty fun. I might make it out of steel tube, I like the sound of metal on metal. Pretty satisfying. Thank you Anni & Lauri.

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