Our kitten´s name is….

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  1. Laura B.

    I knew she’d have Max as a last name haha! Pepsi is the perfect name for your cat. Boy, kittens are just insane at that age aren’t they? Last kitten I had (years ago) used to pounce on my face if I moved at all during bedtime. Crazy cats! Hope your two get along! Please post many progress videos! 😀

  2. 0MindSwept0

    LMBO, blue box, I'm officially calling it that now XD
    I still think Leona would have bin better (i also used to know someone named to that, so that's interesting), but whatever, your cat your name 😛

  3. Dave Henderson

    Omg I've heard so much about Pepsi Max that I need to try it… if only I can find somewhere that I can buy some. I might need to go back to Finland!

    Mmm a Pepsi Max at Hesburger sounds pretty good alright.

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