Today I tell you why I don´t use alcohol!

Shorty award video:

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  1. MiniLemmy

    Fair enough! Alcohol isn’t for everyone, same as weed, or any other kind of drug – it works for some, but not for others – if you feel you don’t need it, then lucky you!!

  2. Timo Kuusisto

    I have never "needed" alcohol never been drunk and to me it doesn't even exist and I'm 50. I will never get to know what is so great about it. Yeah I feel like I'm an outside spectator of the life on Earth…

  3. 1337fraggzb00N

    I drank for almost 20 years and the result just was getting fat, having lots of hangovers, a ton of money got burned for nothing and I pissed off lots of people. Stopping drinking was one of the best choices in my life. Now my noisy budgies give me a regular headache but at least I don't stink like an empty beer can.

  4. Kyle Barrington

    I've never even tasted alcohol… mainly because I was abused by an alcoholic father when I was a child. It was hell. A literal living hell. I knew I would be predisposed to alcoholism, so I just made the choice to never drink.

    But, just like you, I don't necessarily think anything is wrong with drinking. What's wrong is when people take it too far.

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