A Simple Guide to Storytelling – How to Make the Night Less Scary

A Simple Guide to Storytelling – How to Make the Night Less Scary

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Have you ever wondered, how do the LeeLuu characters emit their light? And what do the three animal friends have in common? I know you’re craving for answers, and by reading this interesting blog text you can sate your curiosity! This time we’re going to take a look at how to tell a story to a child.


But first, what is storytelling? Well, it’s a great way to communicate with people for sure! However, it can be a tricky skill to master. TED has good tips on storytelling that can help you out.


There are stories of many kind. When you tell a story to a child, you can keep it lighthearted and fairly simple. You can even throw in some ridiculous stuff to make it more amusing, especially if the point is to make sleeping in the dark easier. If you have trouble getting the creative drive on, just look around! You can draw inspiration from anywhere – plush toys are great for that purpose. This time we are going to make up a story about LeeLuu and nighttime, bet you didn’t expect that!


First of all, a simple story begins with the introduction of the characters. Like this:


There were three unusual friends, a Hedgehog, a Cat and an Owl. Each had their own characteristics that made them stand out.


The Hedgehog, dazzling and daring,

sometimes scared but reliable in need.


The Cat, gleaming and gentle,

friend of the night and a guide in Dream.


The Owl, bright and balanced,

sleepy in the day but a great friend indeed!


You can think over with your child, what does a hedgehog, a cat and an owl have in common? If you know the answer, don’t reveal it right away! The audience stays interested if you give them something to think about.


A story usually has a problem that needs to be solved. For example, if you think of Disney movies, they have plot points that the main characters must resolve – Dealing with foreign people, getting back home, waking up from a 100-year nap, you name it!


The animal friends had a problem. They knew they had this inner light they could emit, but they couldn’t do it themselves. They needed someone to keep them close, but when they were awake, everyone else was sleeping!


After the problem, it’s time to introduce something new to progress the story. It can be a different kind of issue, or something to help solve it – or both! Just let your imagination do the work and the story will develop by itself.


They searched and searched, but to no avail. As time passed, it just happened that one day there was a scene going on in a little child’s bedroom. There was a young lady who had trouble sleeping. And there was her mother, who was trying to convince her daughter that there wouldn’t be monsters under the bed.


The Cat overheard this with its exceptional ears, and informed the Hedgehog and the Owl about it. After the mother had gone to get warm milk for her daughter, they went to the girl and asked about the monsters.


”I can’t see anything in the dark, and it feels like something is watching me! I can’t sleep!” the girl explained.


It’s time for a conclusion! It’s up to you how you want to end it, but it’s good to answer the questions that have been presented.


”I think I’ve got an idea!” the Hedgehog said. ”How about you give us a hug?”


The girl did, and soon there was a warm light in the room! Together, they made sure that there weren’t monsters under the bed or in the closet.


”But don’t you have to sleep, too?” the girl asked.


”We sleep during the day!” the Owl said. ”We are night animals so we’ll protect you at night.”


Later, the mother came back, and lo and behold, her daughter was sound asleep. With a smile on her face! The mother smiled, too, because she got to drink the milk by herself. All’s well that ends well.


This was an example of a short story, with LeeLuu’s characters. In the end the problems were solved and everyone was happy. One way of telling a story is to act it out! You could take your child and your LeeLuu toy and make a round in the dark. It’ll soon become an exciting journey once you see how the LeeLuus repel darkness.


If you have problems with darkness, you can still get a handy solution for yourself even after the crowdfunding campaign is over! Just check LeeLuu’s Indiegogo page for more information about LeeLuu nightlights! What kind of a story would you tell with your LeeLuu? ♡

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