5 Neat Things to do Indoors when It’s Raining

5 Neat Things to do Indoors when It’s Raining

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Rain – It can be devastating when kids’ outdoor plans are ruined. Splashing in puddles and playing in the rain can be fun and refreshing, but usually bad weather means staying inside. However, it’s a great opportunity to do things that might be normally forgotten! Here at LeeLuu we made a list of some entertaining activities you can do with you kids when you have to stay indoors.



1. The Pillow Fort


Grab some sheets and pillows and make a nice pillow fort! There are many ways to make one, so it’s relatively easy. It’s also quite hazard-free, considering it’s pretty much made of pillows and other soft things. You can use furniture to support your grand fortress, and to maximize comfiness we suggest you build it in a safe corner! Remember to avoid building grounds like doorways because places like that could end up problematic in a situation of emergency!


“I love this! As a hedgehog I really like to hide in a comfy burrow like this!” – Hedgehog the LeeLuu



2. Indoor Treasure Hunt (via www.realsimple.com)


You can keep your children lively with a treasure hunt! It’s easily organized by making different sets of clues for each children, or, making them solve the clues as a team. Make the clues so that they lead the hunter to the treasure one by one. This also works with one child, too! The reward is up to you, whether it’s something material or a promise to go to a movie together, for example.


“I want to find a pirate treasure! I don’t have a map but let’s go!!” – Hedgehog the LeeLuu.



3. Model Owls from Toilet Rolls (via www.netmums.com)


This is a nice way to make use of things you would usually throw in the thrash. You need a toilet roll, paint, glue, a marker, and a little paper or fabric. First, paint the roll. After drying, fold the top halves on top of each other, so that they look like pointy ears. Then you can start decorating them! Use a marker for the details of the wings, eyes and the beak. It’s easy and quick! You can also use paper and fabric for decorating.


”This is great and inventive. I really like how they look like owls.” – Owl the LeeLuu.

“You can also make cats!” – Cat the LeeLuu



4. The Treasure Box


For this one, you need a box and some tools to make it look really neat. A shoe box is a good choice, and you can decorate it with construction paper and stickers, for example. You can also paint your treasure box, but it’d be advisable to do that at the table if you don’t want to scrub paint off the sheets! When the box is ready you can store the prize from the treasure hunt in it.


“I need a box like this for my shiny buttons and bottle caps!” – Cat the LeeLuu.



5. Painting a Plant Pot (via www.netmums.com)


Painting is a pretty obvious plan B for bad weather, and it’s no wonder as it is a great way to let your kids express their creativity! It’s an excellent way to do that because you can use a variety of materials and the only rules are those that you make. You can paint in a more traditional way, or then you can give an old plant pot a new look, for example. A hand painted flower pot is a fine and original decoration, and you can keep it interesting by planting a flower seed in it and seeing how much it will grow over time. As a suggestion it’d be a good start to paint a light-colored base and proceed from there!


“This makes me wish I had hands.” – Cat the LeeLuu.



What do you consider the best way to spend time with children on a rainy day? Do you have some specific things you tend to do, like having a movie marathon or playing cards and board games? Playing with plush toys is a great option, too! Speaking of which, you can preorder LeeLuus even after the crowdfunding campaign is over! Just check LeeLuu’s Indiegogo page for more information about LeeLuu nightlights! ♡


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